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One look outside and yep, it’s raining. Bleh. No matter which season it is, the rain can sneak up on us when we’re least prepared for it (aka when we’ve already picked out the perfect non-rain-friendly outfit). Rain is fun for so many things: splashing around in puddles, taking a woodsy hike, cozying up by the fire, movie marathons, and watching it fall from inside a warm place. But when it comes to fashion, it’s one of those things that trips us up more than anything else. How to look chic (and stay dry) during a downpour? Here’s seven simple rules you need to follow.

But First, Rain Boots
There’s a five-day rain spell in the forecast and your first thought is, “Ugh, do I finally have to buy those tall rubber boots that don’t breathe and look clunky.” Well, no. Unless you’re planning on walking in knee-high puddles, your best bet is a pair of matte Chelsea rain boots. They’re pretty much the exact same style as your cute, everyday ankle booties but they are completely rain proof. They even have the signature Chelsea elastic band at the top. No one will even know you’re wearing rain boots. So, if you’re not into changing your shoes when you get into work, this style is for you.

1. Buy a Rain Jacket

This is a key piece. Especially, if you’re like us, and you despise the umbrella. Yes, they come in cute colors and patterns, and can make a cool statement. But, try lugging your laptop around with a grande Americano, and texting, while holding an umbrella. Can’t. Be. Done. Go hands-free all the way. This means choosing a rain jacket that’s perfectly suited to the outside conditions. Our favorite is a long, water-repellent parka with a hood big enough to completely cover your head. It should have some weight to it, a flimsy anorak will not do. This way you can protect your outfit and your handbag underneath. Other great options include a trench coat or bomber jacket.

2. Pick Dark Colors

Because the puddle will be stepped in, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, and the inevitable drop or two of muddy water will make its way on to your clothes and shoes. Dark colors tend to hide spots and stains better than light colors, and they’re less transparent when they get wet. The most important piece to choose in a dark color is pants. The perfect, below-the-waist pieces for a puddle-strewn street: A pair of cropped black pants or coated, dark denim paired with your Chelsea rain boots. Let it rain.

3. Try Synthetic Fabrics

We’re huge proponents of natural, breathable fabrics around here. But when it comes to gearing up for the rain, we keep our cotton, silk, linen, and wool inside. Unless they are layered safely under sweaters or a jacket. If you love leggings, try switching from a cotton pair to pair made from Lycra or nylon. Your activewear leggings are perfect in inclement weather. Fast-drying, opaque, comfortable. Try them under a dress instead of tights. If you usually wear wool trousers, try ponte or a blend of polyester and rayon instead. These materials tend to be lightweight, so they won’t weigh you down if they get damp.

4. Wear Slim Fit or Cropped Pants

While more coverage tends to be better, this rule doesn’t necessarily apply to pants or trousers. Long, flowy pants or flare jeans that brush the ground are more likely to collect mud and rainwater. Keep pants short and cropped. These types of pants also look the best with ankle boots, so definitely, no knee-length rain boots here.

5. Choose Skirts and Dresses

If it’s a light rain in the springtime, you can definitely wear your dresses and skirts. Just remember the rules above: choose dark colors and sturdier fabrics. Cotton sundresses are best saved for warm summer days. If you want to cover your legs, just pair with fast-drying leggings instead of tights. Skirt and dresses look equally cute with tall boots and ankle boots, so if you already have a pair of tall wellies, this is the time to rock them.

6. Get a Hold-Everything Handbag

With rain, comes gear. Even for the most minimalist among us, you’ll need a bag big enough to carry your daily essentials (see below). Great options include a water-repellant satchel, a roomy tote, or a sturdy backpack. One of the most important considerations when choosing a bag is how well it protects your belongings from the rain, especially your laptop and headphones.

7. Don’t Forget the Extras

A guide to dressing in the rain wouldn’t be complete with mentioning your hair. One of the trickiest things to deal with for sure, you always want to protect your blowout or curls without worrying about frizz. This is where the beanie comes in. Always have one in your bag, just in case it starts to sprinkle. Another easy thing you can do is to keep a cheap, plastic poncho in your bag for rainy day emergencies. They fold up to the size of a wallet and you can get them for $1 at your local hardware store. You never know when you might get caught in the rain and you always want to be prepared.

Tell us in the comments section, what’s your rainy-day accessory you can’t go without?

Who doesn’t like to get wet in the first shower of the rainy season? But no one likes the idea of getting their pretty clothes spoiled. Often one gets stuck when it comes to fashion in the rainy season. One downpour and the entire crisp look, n eat hair goes limp. Well, its time to keep your worries aside as the fashion for this season is all about ‘flaunt with comfort’.

What’s in

“Full lengths are a complete no-no. Knee-length skirts are a must-have this monsoon. But if you are into Indian wear then go for churidars and avoid patialas as they get spoiled easily,” suggests designer Mandira Wirk. Another style that will work is a well fitted Tee with sporty chic shorts. “The rainy season demands a more casual look than a formal done one. Sporty styles in knit and stretch gel well with the season. The monsoon is all about a cheerful mood so your look should always spell that out,” says designer Anita Dongre.

“This season, styles for men are cropped jeans — ideal for when you need to wade through those inevitable puddles. In addition, linen shorts are another big rage this season. For women, there are denim capris, knee-length skirts, cotton shorts and jumpsuits which are perfect for the monsoons. A fresh colour palette ranging from white tonalities of sand blasted denim, which are contrast to vintage gabardines, and washed shades of light and dark blues are the highlights of this season’s Calvin Klein Jeans collection,” suggests Shiraz Bhavnani, senior marketing and communication manager, Calvin Klein (India). “Tops are brighter, key colours are coral, chlorophyll green, lagoon (blue).” One can also indulge in calf-length belted dresses and easy-to-dry silk tunics for evenings as they make easy dressing for the weather.

Brighten up

Go bright and flashy this monsoon. It’s time to fold up your pastels and tuck them deep inside your wardrobe; try bright hues like electric blues, candy pink, vermillion, fresh green to complete the perfect look. “Bold is the way to go,” advises Mansi Zaveri, marketing and communication manager, FCUK. She further adds, “Don’t shy away from bright colour this monsoon. Monsoon wear aims to look effortlessly stylish. Embrace colour injections in lime green, orange and pink where modern graphics sit alongside colourful stripes featuring across bare shoulder dresses and smock tops.”

The lighter, the better

If you think denims are a good choice during heavy showers, I’d say, give it a second thought! Don’t you know that drenched jeans are a big turn off? Make way for lighter fabrics. Listen to Designer Reynu Tondon to know more. “Go for fabrics that are water-resistant and quick dry like polyviscose, polynylon, cotton blends or lycra mixed fabrics. They cling well and don’t get messed up even in heavy showers. Monsoon demands light weight fabrics so that it won’t feel heavy even when wet.” Also, lightweight jackets are a perfect match for both men and women.

Time to accessorise

“Great collection of bags is a perfect match to heavy rains,” advises designer Manoviraj Khosla. But he also suggests selecting them carefully. “Accessories should be selected carefully; bags should be waterproof and in bold colours, footwear should be open and airy. If you want to go for jewellery keep it minimum; either flaunt your earrings or a chunky neckpiece. Men should go for utility and comfort with cargo pockets and waterproof bags,” says Khosla.

Monsoon is all about romance with beauty and a date with gorgeous styles. Get set to cheer up your wardrobe and enjoy the first shower in the trendiest outfits.

The Calvin Klein way

What range is the brand offering in lightweight fabrics?

No one likes a soggy hem on their jeans, but it is hard to avoid in this season. However, fashion this season has the answer. Tops for both men and women utilise light, organic materials with a soft touch like washed cotton/silks, nylons, linen cottons, and ramiès in pastel shades, stripes and checks.

What range is available in accessories other than raincoats?

This season, Calvin Klein Jeans has introduced a double-layered mist sheer nylon logo graphic jacket that is lightweight, trendy and ideal for the monsoons for both men and women.


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