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To the two people who’ve anon’d me already, nooooo I absolutely do not condone bullying of ANY kind, from anyone, friend or acquaintance or random stranger. I will not pointing fingers at anyone, I’m not saying I 100% agree with everyone’s actions and decisions and I’m not stating my personal opinion here to start yet another debate on this blog.

What I really wanted with the previous post was to give you a glimpse of my friend as I know her.

What I want with THIS post is to be a conduit for reconciliation… or to find a way to move forward somehow….. I truly want to see Straggle and Isis back in the fandom someday, because I liked both of them a lot.

Everyone’s human, Everyone screws up, everyone makes mistakes, fights happen, people get hurt I’ve certainly screwed up on here before. It sucks.

I will disable anon’s temporarily because I’d like to keep everything private; and anyone who messages me will not be dragged out in front of all my followers. Straight from my inbox back to yours.


Come at me, bro?

The final results of my collaboration with @a.wintory and the project of @bannersaga 🤘
Another incredible adventure full of epicness and Viking power through his music!

I suggest that if you’re not into “cheesiness”, you should stop here because as I was telling yesterday in my live streaming from Heathrow, this opportunity (as the past experiences I’ve had with this incredible carrot 🥕) helped me to explore my senses much more, to understand what his music makes me feel during each session.

The colors, the movements, the softness, the sharpness. A wide amount of possibilities that can be depicted easily if you just let them be part of the moment, if you let them stimulate your mind to finally interpret and make physical representations on the canvas… A physical representation of something as abstract as music.

I acknowledge that I might sound crazy, but you really have to be here to understand a little bit of what I feel.
It’s probably part of being an artist I guess! I know I can’t explain exactly what this collaboration means but at least I can express myself without being afraid of what people might think. Something that can make me feel this amount of happiness, hope and confidence I can’t just simply hide it so, basically, I don’t really care if you think I’m being super cheesy here! 😃

Hopefully we will be making lots of new projects here and there and who knows! More people could feel the need to experiment, to listen closely what’s going on around, to see life from a different perspective, to grow and achieve every little challenge and get close to real happiness. I’m definitely on it thanks to this guy.

I guess all that’s left is to say thanks for reading this far.
And hugs from this weird potato 🥔❤️

#arts #music #collaboration #austinwintory #angelabermudez #ateam #composer #painter #bannersaga #videogame (at London, United Kingdom)



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