Course 3 Chapter 4 Functions Lesson 5 Homework Practice

Unformatted text preview: 70 (go NAME DATE PERlOD Lesson 5 Skills Practice Compare Properties of Functions 1. Cassie is downloading music and games onto her 2. The number of gallons y a pool drains in x minutes is phone. It costs $0.99 to download a song to her represented by the function y = 20x. The table shows the phone. The costs of downloading games are shown time it takes to fill up a pool. Compare the functions for in the graph. Compare the functions for each kind each process by comparing the times. of download by comparing the costs. Cost of Downloading Games Cost ($) 0 l 2 3 4 Number of Games 3. The speeds of a coyote and giraffe are shown in the graph and table below. 3. Compare the functions by comparing the rates of Change. b. How much farther does a coyote run than a giraffe after 3 hours? land Speed of a Coyote Distance Ran (mi) Number of Hours 64 Course 3 ' Chapter 4 Functions NAME DATE PERIOD Lesson 5 Homework Practice Compare Properties of Functions 1. PORTRAITS Paolo’s Portraits charges $15 per 2. COMMISSION Joshua earns a salary plus a photo with no sitting fee. The graph shows the fees commission for every painting he sells. The for Clear Image Studio. Compare the functions by equation c = 40p + 75, where c is the commission in comparing their rates of change. dollars and p is the number of paintings, represents how much he earns. Martin’s commissions are Clear Image Stud“ shown in the table. Compare the functions by comparing their y-intercepts and rates of change, Cost (5) Number of Portraits 3. TOLL ROADS The table shows the cost for traveling on a toll road in Henderson. The graph shows the cost of traveling on a toll road in Clarkson. Compare the linear functions to determine which is a direct variation. Justify your response. Clarkson Toll Road Costs III-III- :rrrzaa 4m 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Miles Traveled Course 3 0 Chapter 4 Functions 63 ...
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