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Usually on the podcast I interview the most brilliant minds in the college admissions world, to analyze their genius, and then break it down for you into a series of practical, actionable steps to help you in the college application process.

But sometimes, especially when I see that a resource isn’t already out there, I’ll go ahead and create it myself--and that’s what I’ve done in this case with the college essay workshop. Allow me to explain:

Over the past ten years I’ve delivered hundreds of personal statement workshops--some as small as 4 and some as large as 800--and earlier this year I was getting a bunch of workshop requests and thinking: I can’t deliver all these--in large part because I like spending time with my wife and baby. But you know what I could do, I thought? Leverage one of students’ greatest resources--their counselor (and if you’re a counselor listening, that’s you)--and all they’d need in some cases is a few tools to help guide their students through the process. So I spent the past few months creating something called the Essay Workshop in a Box that basically walks counselors step-by-step through how to deliver a great workshop--and I found a way to do it that would bring no cost to their students. That’s right: free-ninety-nine.

So the podcast episode you’re is a webinar that I gave to counselors called “How to Lead a Life-Changing Essay Workshop” and I share three parts of this Essay Workshop in a Box, including:

  • 6 Ways That Most Workshops Fail in the First Five Minutes (aka 6 Terrible Ways to Start a Workshop)
  • 9 Tips for Leading a Workshop of Any Size
  • 5 Potentially Life-Changing Workshop Moments
  • Bee tea dubs: These are essentially three of the modules from the Essay Workshop in a Box--there are 29 total, btw, and you can find out more about that in the show notes.
  • At the end I also say a few words about my Counselor Training Program, which I’m super duper excited about.

Thanks for listening to the podcast and, if you aren’t a counselor, don’t worry because the next episode--and all the others!--are for you. Please enjoy this episode… I hope it changes your life.

Recently, writing a narrative essay on a life changing moment had become a very popular assignment in schools, universities, and colleges. Some people will say that this is not a big deal, but for others, it will be rather challenging to create an essay on a life changing event, simply due to the reason that most of us don't know how to write about our lives, especially of it must be written in an interesting for the reader way.

Narrative essay on a life changing moment this is not a simple task. This type of work itself is one of the most challenging types of essay, because most of the time, this work should describe the personal attitude to any problem, and it is not always possible to refer to sources.

But it is worth noting that creating a narrative essay on a life changing event is very useful for students because such written work helps them to develop imagination and the ability to express their personal opinion.

How to cope with the assignment? For those who find writing a life changing event essay a daunting task, it will be interesting to read this article further because here you will learn some tips on how to cope with this task with ease.

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How Should Look a Rough Plan of Your Work?

For those who are wondering “how to write an essay about an event that changed my life” we have compiled the following structure that will help you to understand how to write a life changing moment essay correctly.

The "introduction" and "conclusion" are the first and the last paragraphs of a narrative essay about life changing moment. The first paragraph or the first part of the text introduces your topic to the reader, leads them into the main body of the text and presents main ideas that are described in your work. Don't make your introduction too long! It is more than enough to make it one or two paragraphs long, the main idea here is to interest the reader and make him want to read the rest of your paper.

The main part demands more attention. It can have the following structure:

  • Situation - the reasoning, situation-argument, argument-reasoning, and so on, and in this case, you must first state the idea and then explain it.
  • Opposite structure (facts-conclusion), assumes that a student will describe the situation or the facts, and conclude them afterward.
  • The thesis and a few arguments (facts). In this case, you choose the main idea and confirm it with multiple proofs (examples); the thesis may be stated either in the beginning or after provided arguments.

Ideally, one thesis should be confirmed by at least two arguments because one fact may seem unconvincing to the reader, while three would overload the text and you may make speech paper too long.

In conclusion, as a rule, a student sums up all of the ideas that were stated in the essay on something that changed your life. The author summarizes the work together with the reader. It is important to ensure that conclusions were not far-fetched and did not arise from "nowhere" so you should include a logical summary that the reader would understand after getting acquainted with the main part of your work.

Where to Start?

It is best to start the writing process from the main part of the text because it is often much easier to write the introduction and conclusion after the work is done and you are confident that your paper is logical and understandable to the reader. You can easily pay for an essay writing, but if you have taken care of a detailed plan, you can write your work starting from any point because it should be equally simple.

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