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Patriotism—Its Merits and Limitations


Patriotism Versus Internationalism


Patriotism Alone is not Enough

          “Who is here so vile that will not love his country?”

                “You’ll never have a quiet world till you knock the patriotism out of the human race.”

                Patriotism means love of one’s native land.  Just as we love our father and mother, so we love land of our birth.  This feeling is called patriotism.

                Water Scott has rightly said:

                Breather there the man with soul so dead,

                Who to himself hath never said:

                “This is my own, my native land.”

                But we find some people who love themselves more than they love their parents.  They think of their own happiness and comforts before the comforts and happiness of their father and mother.  Similarly, some people love their country less and love themselves more.  Such people are selfish.

                This should not be the case.  It shows an unfeeling heart and a selfish nature.  Just as it is the first duty of a child to love his home, so also it is the first duty of every one to love the land of his birth. A man owes much to the land of his birth. Just as he grows up in the lap of his mother, he is brought from making any sacrifice for his mother land when he is called upon to do so.  Who can forget the great sacrifices of Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chander Bose, Lala Lajpat Rai, Gandhi, Nehru and other freedom fighters who sacrificed their all for the freedom of their motherland? Such patriots are honoured very where in all ages.

                Patriotism is of two kinds: the first is a healthy one and should be encouraged while the second one is of an undesirable kind and should be condemned.  Healthy patriotism teaches us to love out county with all our heart and to do everything in our power to make our country happy, great and glorious.  IT tells us to build our glory on the ruins and suffering of other nations.  The first kind of patriotism is good for our country and for the world  The second kind of patriotism is bad for the world and will, sooner or later, be bad for the country that oppresses others.

                It is our duty to love the land of our birth.  It is also our duty not to hate other nations.  We must try to cultivate a healthy type of patriotism and to devote ourselves whole heartedly to the uplift and prosperity of our own country.  We must not have the perverted notion of patriotism that believes in the dictum : “My country, right or wrong.” Most of the crimes against humanity have been committed by people having this type of fanatic patriotism.  Patriotism must go hand in hand with internationalism.  One should never forget one’s duty towards humanity in general.  Such patriotism as encourages narrow, parochial fanaticism is a bad type of patriotism which has no place in a fastly progressing civilization of today.

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Its meaning: A person who strongly supports and is ready to defend his country is a patriot. The feelings and the qualities of a patriot are known as patriotism. Every country in the world has produced such persons. A patriot is loved and honoured by all we all are indebted to our mother-land. We are born here and we grow up on this soil.

Patriotism does not mean only to fight for the liberation of one’s own country from the burden of foreign rule. It includes true love and honest feeling for fellow men and passionate work for country’s progress.

A true patriot: A true patriot is he who can give away his life and all for his country. The future of the country depends on its rulers. If the rulers are true patriot, they think of the interests of the country and the people. They go on doing something for the good of the nation. A patriot keeps the nation’s interest above his own. He tries to lead the people to the right way of living. He is kind, loving, truthful and honest.

A false patriot: But there are some false patriots. They always like to take undue advantage of the situation. They are men of no principle and character. They have no high sense of morality and sacrifice. They are selfish. They live in a small world of their own. Such people are the enemies of the nation.

Patriot’s rewards: A true patriot lives and dies for his motherland. He is loved and respected in life and also after his death. Such a patriot is immortal. Among such men are Mahatma Gandhi, Rajendra Prasad, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose and others in the modern age. Among the ancients were Maharana Pratap, Shivaji and others. A patriot is bold and fearless in the face of even death. He knows:

Cowards die many times before their deaths;

                  The valiant never taste of death but once. – Shakespeare

Conclusion: But a patriot has to think not only of the national interest but also of the international brotherhood. He has to rise above national feelings. He has to think of the good of the human race. Mahatma Gandhi rightly says, “My patriotism includes the good of mankind in general”.

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