Afrikan Boy Dissertation

Young lion
Heart of a mayor
Major player in the city of naira paper
We say prayers five times a day
So our hearts hate Satan til our dying day
He came from a family of plenty brothers
Who showed him the ropes about life in this joke
Next week heading to a new leaf
Flying overseas to make peas for his family
To migrate is innate when poverty is at your door ready to immigrate
So he said his goodbyes wishing he never told lies
Plotting plans to survive with a baby on arrive
They say young love never ends fair
Mothering a great seed he had put there
Foluke, fair skin with black and brown hair
Family of Christians ready for warfare
She was only 19 with plenty dreams to share her views a young black queen
Fear of bringing shame to her family
Daughter of a preacher, forbidden to give birth in the manger
Now their French Nigerians, speaking ‘Je la vu’ with no experience
Time to be vigilant; no one gives a toss about immigrants
Impotence we all stray from deliverance
Minutes tense……

I’m getting bigger in this dark room
Only advice from god was to stay true
And get money like a typhoon
Back outside to this jungle
The promise land is a hustle
Far from humble constant hustle working cleaner in a hostel
Ishola will never pick up no tissue
He know the street well like a referee official
Getting money, smoking weed with his people
Fuck the police and weasels
Government officials, waving their legal pistols at your crystals
Life in the UK as an immagray
Juggling four jobs just to get paid
So what’s the attraction??
It’s my time oya start the contractions
God told me life’s like a abortion
So whatever I do choose action
Meanwhile Foluke’s in distress
Wondering why her son ain't delivered yet
Twenty hours in labor!
I take’s time for the arrival of a saviour
Fulfilled the prophecy of Jeremiah
Here comes the destroyer
Son of a Zion solder
Solo trooper, picked up the mic sober left it lean
And when my dad left I knew I had to chase the dream
Oldest of three children that’s my team

I saw colder nights and colder mornings
Going to school with 30p for spending
So I stole some donuts, sold em to teachers
So I could buy my favourite pair of sneakers
I never failed exams I had to pass
Then I found myself in Uni fast
I remember how slow the fast days were
Picture this imaginary as I strike a theory
Poetically imagined like a fairy
He who laid eyes, forgot that text lied
Even I was led astray blinded by the rules I obeyed
Eternally guilty is our souls
Chasing what we think is the goal
That’s all we know, that’s all we see
Before I die I leave you with my memories
In this city of hopefuls
But when hope falls
They lose sight of perception
No moral sense of affection
Life in the west side
To what extent can I express what’s inside?
Without being given a label from the cradle to the boss
I shall fear no boss
For thy is the kingdom, power and glory
Lend me your ears and let me tell you my story

Like a beggar at the feat of Jesus
When grace began
I’m only Afrikan, born to sin
They don’t like my accent they say I can’t rap like I do
What the hell have I done!
I ran with my own style in this marathon
Half of these school boys couldn’t last twenty minutes in my dissertation
I swore never to live my life serving
Cos we are all the same in Egypt
The way I see it
We are all ghosts in the land of freedom
I put myself in my dad’s shoes
So I could understand his mind fuse
A part of me wanted to get to know the dude
Honour thy father, but male pride is a killer
Murderer in the eyes of progress
And I do all I know best
Life in the west
Do all I know best
Life in the west
Do all I know best
Life in the west

Born Olushola Ajose in southeast London to Nigerian parents, it’s not hard to spot the impact his Nigerian heritage and British upbringing has had. Fusing together his passion for grime, rap and afrobeat with a love for a good hook, Afrikan Boy is steadily carving out his own niche in the MC circle. With a self assured style – custom ankara threads and the obligatory pair of trendy kicks are staple part of his wardrobe – his lyrics are as dynamic as his musical tastes, citing everyone from Fela Kuti, Shina Peters and King Sunny Ade to 2Pac and Dizzee Rascal as influences.

Already championed by the likes of Lauren Laverne (BBC 6Music) It was the grime infused ‘One Day I Went To Lidl’, a humorous ode to the discount supermarket, that caught the ear of underground fans. In 2007 he caught the attention of fellow British rapper and Grammy Award nominee, M.I.A, who reached out to him on MYSPACE that soon led to guest appearances on the ‘Paper Planes’ remix and ‘Hussel’ on her ‘Kala’ album as well as a stint on both the ‘Kala’ and ‘People vs. Money’ world tours.

Soon further collaborators came calling with US hip hop veteran DJ Shadow on ‘I’m Excited’ once again created the chance for Afrikan Boy to push his experimental boundaries, a feat that didn’t go unnoticed by BBC Radio 1 aficionado, Zane Lowe who crowned it ‘Hottest Record In The World’.

Following the release of his first mixtape ‘What Took You So Long’, Afrikan Boy continued to captivate audiences with the punchy freestyle ‘Look At Me Now’ featuring Boya D, the ‘Pon Pon Remix’ (a tribute to the late Nigerian artist Dagrin) and the chilled out sounds of ‘Dissertation’. AB showed no sign of slowing down the pace as he was doing all this while studying for his Psychology degree at the University of Brunel.

Afrikan Boy joined the prestigious Africa Express 8 cities summer tour of the UK as part of the London 2012 cultural Olympics, where he shared the stage with the likes of the legendary Paul McCarthy, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) Baaba Maal, Damon Albarn, Femi Kuti, The Noisettes, Fatoumata Diawara, Mark Ronson, Spoek Mathambo and M1 (Dead Prez) to name but a few, as he continues to make his presence felt on the live circuit. Early 2013 saw another heavy collaboration with Danish super producers Silver Bullit with Afrikan Boy as main guest artist on a project called ‘Afrikans in Denmark’ As the summer of 2013 was winding up came the release of ‘Hit Em Up’ which samples the great FelaKuti’s 1965 track ‘Wa dele wa royin’. The track spent 6 weeks on BBC 6Music A-list playlist championed by the Lauren Laverne. Afrikan Boy concluded the year touring France with Keziah Jones.

He stayed Busy into 2014 concluding material for his highly anticipated debut LP ABCD due for release on his recently created YAM Records this summer. After plenty of collaborations and supporting roles Afrikan Boy is fully ready to take centre stage.


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