Rivea Hypocrateriformis Descriptive Essay

Unlike any other academic assignment that students have to complete, descriptive essay writing is more aimed at creating a unique and engaging experience for the readers. All the other papers and essays are supposed to be more accurate, straight to the point, and even scientific, while this type of assignment requires its author to give a colorful and emotional description to something or someone. That is what makes this academic paper so challenging for many students.

What Is A Descriptive Essay?

If you look at the structure, it is not much different from other essays. The main distinctive feature is that you don’t need to provide arguments or facts in this work; instead, you will have to describe something. What can you describe? There are several options and, as a rule, you should be either provided with clear guidelines or have the right to choose what you want to describe, be it a person, object, memory, experience or place.

Besides, a good description work should create a vivid and involved experience for everyone who reads it not with the assistance of plain facts and statistical data but using details and observations, which requires decent writing skills.

All students know that paper writing takes lots of time. However, if the work that you have to write has to be not only informative but also quite creative, that is where it gets even harder and more time-consuming. At this point, the majority of young people prefer to request writing help from an expert website and simply buy their essays.

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It’s a simple concept. You must write an essay that describes something – an event, a person, a situation/circumstance, an experience, an emotion, etc. The challenge, of course, is to write that description so that the reader leaves with a complete “picture” of what you have described. If that doesn’t happen, you have not succeeded. This type of essay also allows for some artistic freedom and creativity, but for some students this is tough. That’s why they buy descriptive essays from us. 

The Topic

Often, descriptive essay topics are assigned, at least within a general area. For example, you may be asked to describe an event you attended – a concert, perhaps. You may be asked to describe the person you most consider your hero, your favorite animal or food. So. You will usually have options with a topic area. Choose one that you know a lot about and that you have an interest in – your chore will be easier as a result.


The next step should be a session of brainstorming about your topic. Think of all of the words that describe it. Don’t leave anything out. Try to think of words that appeal to any or all of the senses. These are what make a descriptive essay vivid and interesting to the reader. And if a word is rather mundane or boring, come up with a more vivid substitute. For this, you may want to use a thesaurus. Instead of “sunny,” for example, how about brilliant, luminous or radiant? Instead of melted cheese, how about “gooey cheese?”

Organizing the Descriptive Essay

The body of your essay should divide your description into facets. For example, if you are describing a concert you attended, one paragraph might describe your anticipation as you arrived and found your seats. It might describe the physical and emotional appearances of the other concert-goers. Another paragraph might describe the concert itself – the sight, the sounds, etc. A third paragraph may describe the emotional aftermath. Whatever your topic, divide it into at least three elements so that you have the structure of a basic essay.

If you do struggle with structure, be sure to go online and take a look at descriptive essay samples. You will see how both the structure and the use of vivid language combines to paint a great picture of something. 


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